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it was between livejournal and cujo.......you decide........

so, tomorrow is see you at the pole for all of the normal school around the nation. but, because i do not go to a normal school....we are having see you at the cross because, we have a cross in the middle of our courtyard. yeah sweet i know.

oh, and also because, i do not go to a normal school i have thrusday and friday off because our teachers are away a some conferences in NE.

not much excitement in my life..................for the 40 day challenge i have decided to give up television because, i do not think that i can do it, also because, my mom does not think that i can do it. i just want to prove both of us wrong.

yesterday in chapel burden of a day came and played acoustic worship songs. it was amazing, and i do not think that i have seen that many kids standing up to worship GOD in chapel ever before. unfortunately kendall could not be there. but, there old lead singer was there.

oh, listen to IT DIES TODAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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