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This sin't Heathers hand writing!!!!

let's see. so, much to talk about and so little time. i have not been on in so long. but, oh well. i have more important things to do. like school, work, and GOD. but, other than that i really have not had any free time this week. not that it is a bad thing. it is just that i am not used to it.

some highlights of my week: i have one of the easiest schedules that i think you can have for school and, still get credits, i work three nights this week, school is okay so far, i am slowly "weening" myself out of the group that i was hanging with and trying to hang with the TRUE christians, i do not have a bone infection but it is going to take quite a while for my finger to heal.....

some negatives of my week: i have had so much homework and stuff to do for school that i have had like no free time, i can't go to rock the universe because of my finger, i feel as if i was one of the biggest talkers of how we should go back to school and jsut be so bold and steadfast and i feel like i have not been, and a bunch of personal things.

i want to post so mu8ch more but that is just a tid bit of it all.

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